Choose a companion that you feel comfortable with

Another exciting difference in our approach to providing services at home is that Warrigal Connect believes you need to feel totally at home with our team members. That’s why you get to choose someone with something in common with you. Take a look at our Home Essentials companions.

Read all about their hobbies and interests and find out what makes them tick. When you feel you’d like to pair up with someone in particular, we’ll do our best to match your schedules. Our Warrigal companions are enthusiastic, fun loving, experienced and they love what they do.

You’re sure to find someone you and your family love.

Meet 3 of our staff

These are just some of our staff members – talk to a consultant to find out more about matching with your companion

Heather Peacock

Dedicated to Warrigal: 30 years
Three words to describe me: Happy, bright, chatty.
Best part about my role: The customers.
What makes me happy: The smile we put on customers faces to make their day happy.
Guess What? I have 10 grandchildren, love gnomes, butterflies and gardening and have been happily married for 48 years.

Sarah ‘Sass’ Allen

Dedicated to Warrigal: 5 years
Three words to describe me: honest, compassionate, and reliable
Best part about my role: The laughs.
What makes me happy: swimming in the sea and being with friends
Guess What? I can juggle and play the spoons!

Daniella ‘Dani’ Burgess

Dedicated to Warrigal: 13 years
Three words to describe me: likes to party
Best part about my role: Making a difference in people’s lives
What makes me happy: Having a good laugh with family and friends
Guess What? I’m a grandmother!

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