At Home with Barbara

Together with her Warrigal personal consultant Barbara outlined her goal to remain independent. She wants to make sure her family have the opportunity to spend quality time with her when they pop in.

Through her Home Essentials package, Barbara has assistance with her personal care needs and a bit of housework. Barbara and her Warrigal companion spend time doing a bit of light gardening, feeding the birds, reading letters and writing or responding to emails from friends and family. Despite her physical limitations, Barbara remains independent and socially connected.

Getting to know Barbara

  • Barbara is a published author who loves to read.
  • She wrote her first book at the age of 90.
  • She’s a very active member of her community and church.
  • If she could give her 20-year old self some advice it might be to slow down. But that young girl was so busy with two young boys and a husband that she would probably have been too busy to listen

Unfortunately hearing loss and vision impairment combined with mobility limitations have slowed Barbara down a little and are interfering with her ability to do what she enjoys.

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