At Home with Ted, Valerie and John

Ted has always enjoyed cars and likes them looking good inside and out, he is a self-confessed ‘petrol head!’ His sense of pride and work ethic has seen him always wash his own car, rather than someone do it for him.

In recent years his energy levels have not been what they once were and some of his joints now ache with pain….probably from years of driving manual buses with heavy clutches!!

With assistance from John washing the hard to reach places on Ted’s four wheel drive, and washing the car together, rather than doing it for him allows Ted to still keep doing what is important to him by providing a little extra support.

Getting to know Ted and Val

  • Ted and Val love travelling in their caravan
  • They’ve canoed the lower and upper gorges of Lawn Hill National Park in Queensland.
  • Ted was actually christened George Edward but has always been known as Ted so he wouldn’t be confused with his father who was also called George.
  • Ted has been a carpenter, a miner and a bus driver.
  • If he could advise his 20-year old self it would be to always have a goal and get as many skills in life as you can.
  • Val is passionate about her home and her garden.
  • If she could give her 20-year old self some advice it would be to love life, follow dreams, do your best and be kind to others.

After Valerie had a stay in hospital, her son David contacted Warrigal Connect about Tailoring a Home Essentials Home Comforts package for his parents.

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